Month: April 2017

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Photo Booth… with Dima Leontii

We live in times of cellphones with fine quality camera, in the era of Facebook and Instagram, in times when selfie has become a trend. At every turn, you can see someone with a phone in their hands trying to take the coolest photo ever. It can be the same at your own wedding if […]

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Worthy of… reading!

I was into reading when I was very little. I could get on the grandma’s attic or close down in my own room to read hours and hours. I was excited to experience main characters’ lives and hear the voice of the books. However, with time it got so difficult to hit a new book, […]

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Fast… and actions

We are at the end of the Easter Fast! Some fasted until the very end of it, some did it for a shorter period, and others did not keep themselves from eating different goodies. However, it is not the diet I want to mention in this post, it is actions, good actions. Good actions can […]

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DIY: Paschal mood in your home

Since the bright holiday of Easter is right on the corner we decided to do a tutorial in this regard, how-to-decorate-your-home-in-a-spring-Easter-theme tutorial. It will only take you half an hour, but what a change!   For this you need: few frames; grass and colored eggs; craft paper or art paper, any type of fabric, wire […]

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hotel room

About simple luxury

Luxury and simplicity – yes, it is our today’s topic. As an interior decorator I am often asked to “make it look luxurious!”. But when I ask my clients what does luxury means to them, they hem and haw. That’s how our conversation ends. So let’s talk a bit on this topic: An awkward truth If […]

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Beatrix Potter and the scrapbooking

Recently I completed an order that inspired me to write this article. It was a scrapbook. The purpose of it is to immortalize the most beautiful and precious moments from life. This creation will keep the very first memories of a little girl Selin and will become an heirloom in her family. First of all, […]

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The flowers of life

This weekend I decided to speak on the topic of baby arrival into this world and… flowers. I’m speaking of newborn photo-shoot, there is something very special and even mysterious behind it. It is also very emotional for every single couple. Newborn photo-shoots have to be done in the first 10 days of baby’s life. […]

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Good gift secret

I assume that people make billions of gifts daily. Most probably, you will make a present soon as well, whether it is a person you love or a colleague from work. But here comes the question that troubles us: “What kind of gift? A useful one… How to impress? With something special…” If you ask me what […]

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Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. This movement started almost half a century ago, in 1970, more precisely. It was the initiative of the American senator Gaylord Nelson and it followed the purpose of starting the politics out of their ignorance towards environment. Today the Earth Day follows the same purpose: to […]

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