The flowers of life

This weekend I decided to speak on the topic of baby arrival into this world and… flowers. I’m speaking of newborn photo-shoot, there is something very special and even mysterious behind it. It is also very emotional for every single couple.

Newborn photo-shoots have to be done in the first 10 days of baby’s life. It is then that they are sleepy, tiny and allow the photographer to pose them sweetly. The cuteness is unbearable, the tender love and eternal peace that they are wrapped up in contribute to beautiful shots.

Babies are so fragile in the beginning of their lives that requires a lot of patience and care to details on the part of photographer. One of this kind of details can be flowers – they set the mood of the photo, add innocence and delicacy to it. The refinement of flowers in combination with kid’s heartiness will reach out to the most withered hearts. Without any doubts, it is worth it. So worth it!

Time spent with your little ones goes very fast, parents don’t even notice how time went by. A camera was invented to prevent the loss of moments. Down the years when you turn over the pages with your little one’s photos it will warm the cockles of your parent heart.

Flowers always are a good companion of emotions and experiences. Their color, their perfume and form can enrich the symbolic value of a newborn photo session. Love, gratitude, affection, tenderness… All these can be expressed through flowers in front of a camera. Let the flowers speak for you, don’t be afraid to. Furthermore, we have such a wide variety of flowers in our country.

Each flower has thousands of conventional significances. I advise you to search for the one that is yours alone. Same goes for the color of the flower- they can communicate numerous messages. Just look at them! Find something that represents you, find reasons to give flowers, strive to see real emotions as a result of receiving a bouquet from you, isn’t it the best reward? One must understand that flowers are another love language. Your children deserve the best. They deserve these memories. They are the flowers of life!

P.S. “Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory.” /Dr. Seuss/

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