Fast… and actions

We are at the end of the Easter Fast! Some fasted until the very end of it, some did it for a shorter period, and others did not keep themselves from eating different goodies. However, it is not the diet I want to mention in this post, it is actions, good actions.

Good actions can be done every step of the way. Nowadays we have multiple occasions to do it. Everywhere you can find someone in need of help, of an advice, of a piece of bread…

Besides, every organization has to prove that it is a good corporate “citizen”. What does that mean? Where this tendency in the business world is coming from? And what is the actual impact on society?

The answer would be the following: the level of morality of the client is rising. Humanity becomes more aware and more sensible to the social problems of others. In other words, there’s a new type of consumer, who has higher expectations. He not only want to receive a quality product, he also wants to make an impact on society.

As a result, involvement is now a strict necessity. Thus, a company both ensures her commercial success and commands society’s respect as part of their activity.

And since I care and love sharing with the people around me, as the founder of the Koshka Art Studio brand I decided to donate 5% of all of my turnover to charity. This is called Corporate Social Responsibility. I’ve been implementing for 3 years already, for I want to make an impact in others’ lives, in the world where I live and work.

This term may sound too highbrow, it is often observed in business strategy language at the European level, and however I see it as something more profound than just another tool in entrepreneurship. It is connected with code of ethics of any business.

Moreover, I just like being useful through the activity of our company. And it is so pleasant to tell the customer that he has +1 to his karma, since 5% of his purchase is being donated to charity.

Think positive, commit good actions and wish you a very happy Easter!

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