Worthy of… reading!

I was into reading when I was very little. I could get on the grandma’s attic or close down in my own room to read hours and hours. I was excited to experience main characters’ lives and hear the voice of the books. However, with time it got so difficult to hit a new book, but I still read at least one book a month, it is extremely important for me! Today I wanna share several books I’ve already read this year.

The five love languages by Gary Chapman

A friend of mine advised me to read this (Alina Andriuță). She was stoked that I had never heard of this book before. She said: “You gotta read this!” This made me want to read it so I’d been searching for this book in book shops for quite a while. It’s not belles lettres. It is a guidebook on how to show your partner that you invest in your relationship all your heart and soul (and body). Therefore, Chapman highlights 5 ways of expressing love, the so-called languages, that can build up and keep a healthy marriage! What are those and how they are manifested, and how to implement them- find out yourself by reading this book!

In the shadow of your steps by Vitali Cipileaga

I knew Vitali way before his debut (with “A talk with Emma”) so this novel was a must read for me! It is easy to read, perfect to go with a cup of coffee, a good book to escape the world for a few hours. I liked the mysterious feel of it together with contemporary story, real places, where you and I can eventually end up. Besides the main characters were so familiar to me. I recommend this read to all who still believe in love search and that a loss is just another opportunity for a new find!

The girl with black and white dreams by Andreea Russo

This book was given to me by Alex Iordache. I trust his taste. 🙂 And I loved it! I read it in one sitting- it is a detective that captures your attention from the very first page all the way till the last sentence! It is a mixture of mystery, dream and reality. But after reading this you will definitely be left with happiness. Here’s an extract from the book to intrigue you: “ Time comes and goes, people stay. Though it’s quite the opposite. It’s just that man has a special talent to think that everything goes and he stays. A talent with an expiration date.”

P.S. “I am a part of everything that I have read.” / Theodore Roosevelt

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