Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. This movement started almost half a century ago, in 1970, more precisely. It was the initiative of the American senator Gaylord Nelson and it followed the purpose of starting the politics out of their ignorance towards environment.

Today the Earth Day follows the same purpose: to bring attention to the deterioration of the environment,the consequences of its pollution, global warming and teach people to protect nature.

Every year, this day brings up the topic of the need to protect the environment, it brings awareness of the fact that the potential of natural resources of our planet is vast but not finite and should be protected. With every passing day the problem of ecology becomes a more and more significant part of education and culture.

As a result, nowadays more than a billion of people express their interest in protecting the Planet by taking part in various campaigns dedicated to this day. Turning the lights off is just a small gesture, a symbol of our awareness of the climate change and our desire to face it. This implies that we as consumers of electrical energy understand the effect of releasing carbon dioxide while producing this type of energy.

How can you be part of this celebration?

  • You could decide to go for a ride on a bicycle or foot-walk to work.
  • On this day, you could start to sort trash, which means throwing paper, plastic and glass in the special containers.
  • Also you could Like and Share our page on Facebook and automatically receive a tote bag as a gift, which can replace tons of plastic bags from grocery stores.

That’s how I want to celebrate the day of the place I live in- planet Earth! You can contribute too! I have no idea how many bags will be sawn or the way they will look and what impact I’m making with all of this, but what I know for sure is that idea and intention matter the most!


I will share more details about it tomorrow, April 22, in a separate post on our facebook page. (

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