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We live in times of cellphones with fine quality camera, in the era of Facebook and Instagram, in times when selfie has become a trend. At every turn, you can see someone with a phone in their hands trying to take the coolest photo ever. It can be the same at your own wedding if you have Dima Leontii and his crew as a part of your event. “Say Cheese” Photo Booth will bring more fun to the party and will leave your guests with unique memories. You can find more details in the interview below.

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How, when and why Photo Booth came down to us?

The Photo Booth has become a must-have at the European and American weddings. We noticed this trend abroad and decided that such a great service must appear in the Republic of Moldova as well. So we thought, why don’t we do it? This autumn our “Say Cheese” Photo Booth turns 2 years of activity.

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What is a Photo Booth on any event?

So far, Photo Booth is the most trendy and most recent accessory for an event. It is a perfect surprise for the guests and it is a place where you’ll see people’s true emotions and hear their genuine laughter. We give your guests the opportunity to simply be funny, something everyone wants to do once in a while, despite the age, young and old. We offer an enclosed photo booth, which means that when a person gets in, he closes the curtain, and there the fun begins. He or she is not intimidated by anyone, no one is starring.

What is elderly people’s reaction to the Photo Booth?

It’s different. But generally speaking, they love it and sometimes it is they, the late-middle-aged people, that enjoy it the most, even more than youth. First they keep their distance (as with any innovation) but as soon as they get the whole point of it they fall in love with it and then you see them admiring the photos that were made and printed right there.

Why there’s a need of a guest book with photos and wishes from the guests?

A guest book together with the “Say Cheese” Photo Booth will make any wish book a fun one. Little notes written by guests under their photos are original and crazy sometimes but they are of a lot more value than the common “We wish you a strong marriage and many kids!”. When guests experience the Photo Booth they have a great mood, and it will reflect in their messages.

The most hilarious experience with the Photo Booth…

The photo booth was installed on a terrace of a restaurant, on a higher level than the lawn, surrounded by spruces. A group of girls entered it (and we all know what camera and girls means). There were about 10 in number and one of them who stood on the opposite side of the booth, which is the side by the edge of the terrace, was too excited and fell on a spruce! Poor girl, she was wearing a dress! What’s even more hilarious is the fact that the rest of the girls didn’t stop from posing in order to help her. I helped her out. I need to mention that not a single spruce got hurt. 

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  • Will you ever stop doing this? Good question! Someday, probably yes.)
  • I dream to install the Photo Booth… in orphanages, at least sometimes.
  • What else should we know about Photo Booth? It has a unique design and it will elevate your event!
  • The main reason to pick Photo Booth… is to capture genuine emotions and leave your guests with pleasant memories and do it right there.
  • Any slogan? #webringfun


P.S. I’m proud to have been supporting them from the very beginning and providing them with our guest books!

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