Month: May 2017

personalized tshirts

Love letter

My dear Koshka Art Studio, It’s me, Nika, the one who has created you, who’s been with you through foul and fair, who criticized you and laughed with you. You know that I don’t speak praise on your behalf very often as if I were sparing of words, but I truly appreciate you and love […]

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girl. bun

Studio… with Nika Karp

We have so much in common with her: our names, our food decisions, we both have creative jobs and share similar view of life. I got to know Nika Karp 6 years ago, when I found a note on my desktop in the Koshka Art Studio office. She is a fashion hairstylist and the owner […]

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green floral wedding guest book

Leave a wish!

The season of grand events is now open (and by these I mean our Moldovan weddings), and for that reason I would like to tell you about a unique item made by Koshka Art Studio – the Wedding Guest Book, where all your guests can share their thoughts with you. The beauty and the value of […]

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handmade boxes in the making

April mood

We live in a world where we are taught to do what we need to, have to or it is time to do. We make our decisions based on a long-term perspective, earn a degree in a field that is well paid so that we don’t “die of hunger”, we put on clothes trying to […]

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purple and pink wedding flowers

In style bouquet

Wedding is an unforgettable moment of your life, the day when you celebrate two loving hearts joining together. It has to be perfect for the bride and groom or at least almost perfect. The bride has to look exactly how she has always envisioned herself in her dreams. And the wedding bouquet that she carries […]

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