Month: June 2017

roof of a building Saint Petersburg blue sky

Saint Petersburg in 3 days

I like to travel. It brings me pleasure but also inspires me. When I want an escape from the busy world, I choose locations that are full of art, architecture and nature. It literally charges my emotional batteries and I am all ready to dive into my work again, to create new things. This time, […]

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hawaii wedding invitation original white peonie

The rules of good invitations

Let’s talk invitations today! This is the first thing to do in a wedding planning. These “paper sheets” ( as some may call them) are the first message to share with others about the upcoming event, it is the good news about the joy of the bride and groom to be, about the celebration of […]

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white and grey wedding table white flowers

10 tips on wedding planning

You are about to make a big step in your life and marry, but you have no idea how to put every detail in order? We, Koshka Art Studio, bring you 10 practical tips in the matter of decor, floristics, invitations and testimonials.    First things first… it’s invitations.  The first wedding impression is created […]

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girl holding a red book

Be the Queen

May thoughts. Thoughts that were gathered during May as a result of reading an interesting book. It is the latest I’ve read. Title is hilarious, you are going to love it! It’s: “Forget about your husband! Ignore your boss! Be the queen!”. It is highly recommended that you give this book to close friends ONLY, […]

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3 pinwheels

DIY: Summer decor

What should I say? The summer has finally come. You can see everyone posting about it on Facebook. It is sunny, everything’s green and fresh, everyone just wants to go outside more often and enjoy the nature. Thus, weekends are now full of energy, lovely talks and fun. They are all scheduled for meeting with […]

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