Month: July 2017

Eclectic style. Are you intrigued?

It’s been a couple of days that I think to write an article on combinations in interiors. I recently attended a training where among other things we were told that we live in the era of creativity, which can be perfectly defined by the following slogan: “The combination of incompatible”. It fits me perfectly. Since […]

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AB+Partners… with Alexandrin Buraga

AB+Partners Company activates as a group of professionals for 2 years now. Their main domain of action is design and architecture. Some time ago, I used to be a part of it as interior designer, with Alexandrin Buraga being the founder of this crazy company. Why crazy? ‘Cuz they have such a complex approach to […]

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I am woman

I love reading good books for it boosts my spiritual energy and it teaches me something (usually at the end of the book). By reading, we support writers and publishers and encourage them to write more good quality works of literature. That is why I find Bestseller publisher so close to my heart, the editor […]

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woman blue striped shirt

In fact, what is Nika Capsa-Besleaga up to?

It’s been 5 months of blogging, 39 written posts, 4 interviews and 1000 likes on Facebook. So I decided it’s about time to tell you a little bit more about me. It wouldn’t modest to make an interview with me about me, but I say that letting you know what I do and what I […]

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June startup

Again, here are some thoughts from my past month, which is June – the first month of summer, full of sunny days, high temperatures and a lot of work. I mean it! We’ve been very productive last month: we even got to see the white nights of Saint-Petersburg and attend a beautiful event dedicated to […]

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