Month: August 2017

book and lavender

“The summer when my mother’s eyes were green”

This is the title of the latest book written by Tatiana Tibuleac, but also the latest book read by me during this summer. To be honest, I did not expect this novel to reveal these emotions, because they are so opposite to those expressed in the other book of the same author ,“ Fables”. Fury, […]

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making flower boquet

Floristry course 2.0

Last Sunday of June was filled with colors, forms and awesome people gathered together for another floristry workshop. It was a day of theory but also of practice. Girls took much interest in the information that I’ve gathered in 3 schools of floristics and during 5 years’ experience in this industry. I truly hope that […]

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apron white flower hands

Why Koshka?

I’ve been asked multiple times why the name of our company is Koshka (from Russian – a cat)? What does that mean?… Is it a secret, a riddle, a mystery? Not at all! When we launched the company, we had no idea what name it would carry. I had many variants coming to my mind, […]

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women in white clothes

The beauty of July

Recently I attended an event where I ran into many of my acquaintances and almost all of them complemented my look, telling how different I was and hard to recognize. I know that I look as a teenager, definitely not my age, but I have to admit that it’s been quite a while since the […]

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