Month: September 2017

Poems on the wall

September. It’s getting chilly. People want to spend their late evenings indoors, with a cup of hot mint tea and a good book to read. If so, let us do it together, but instead of a cup of tea let us get a glass of wine and a poetry on the wall instead of a […]

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smile with tongue tatoo


Today I’ll share with you something about a part of me, something that belongs only to me, something that I have a special emotional connection with – the only tattoo that I have on my body. It is on my right hand and it’s a face with stuck-out tongue. It’s been with me for 10 […]

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The specific character of beauty

In the last article on the blog, our guest told us about the specific character of his job, today I wanna talk about the specific character of beauty. We all tend to look at the pretty side of things: the final creation, delicate and gentle work. 8-hour work and all the hassle are not usually […]

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WE GO… with Alecsander Podolski

I got to know Alecsander Podolski on the Tenerife island. Such a trip can’t be monotone – it’s full of emotions, people and magnificent views. I admire him for what he’s doing, for the way he approaches trips and for the many lives he has changed. He found his calling by launching WE GO project, […]

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