The specific character of beauty

In the last article on the blog, our guest told us about the specific character of his job, today I wanna talk about the specific character of beauty. We all tend to look at the pretty side of things: the final creation, delicate and gentle work. 8-hour work and all the hassle are not usually mentioned at all. Yes, it looks good, but if one would just look behind the curtain, he/she would see a lot of unexpected! In this text, I will share some “beauty” hidden behind my job.

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The real “white nights”

We don’t sleep prior to an event. It’s true. We are all captured in the process of creation and work. As the phrase goes: “Work made a man out of a monkey”. We take 15-minutes breaks just to watch the stars and discuss what is still to be done, how, when and where. We share stories, memories, we laugh, anything to keep us from falling asleep on feet. In other words we encourage each other for we are a team. Do you know what is our no-sleep record? 36 hours! 36 hours without batting an eyelid, 36 hours of non-stop movement. I truly hope we don’t beat this record.


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Water? Food? Nope, nothing…

When we work, we work. The saying “No bees, no honey; no work, no money” isn’t about us. When we are in the process of creation, we forget things like food and water. The only thing we get is a cup of coffee at the Petrom fuel station before proceeding to business. After it’s done, we are so exhausted that we can’t think about anything but sleep. Sometimes the bride and groom are very nice to provide us with food where the event takes place. Even then, we eat a soup in a tearing hurry and go back to work- lest we get on weight.

You crawl

Whether you want it or not, you’ll have to do it. We, decorators, are wriggling along like worms. You can spot us on our knees, on all fours, on our backs and again on our knees- anything to deliver 100% and get the results we want. Once we finish, we look like we worked in the garden, not spent our day in a banquet hall with milk-colored walls, beige terracotta and pale-pink drapes. We are tired and baggy, but also happy with the results.

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Short-term creation… one time use

You don’t sleep, don’t eat, crawl… You make a cool, unique and personalized décor. The bride and groom are happy, you feel content and leave with a peace of mind, but you know that the next day you’ll have to come and clear up everything you did. The event is over and there’s no need of this décor anymore. You know, it hurts, but what can you do about it? This is something common for this profession.

Nevertheless, I want to say that I have the best job in the world! I have the most dedicated team of 8 persons or, better to say, a family, where we drink from one cup, eat from one plate (as in childhood), and if needed – we come and do what has to be done. Your feelings, our dear clients, is what matters to us. Not money, not fame, not words of praise, but your reaction when seeing the result of all our efforts for the first time. You give us wings, so we fly farther to create something new, beautiful and unique. Thank you for your trust!


P.S. That’s why you see our backs in our team photos – we look too “good” to show our pretty faces.


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