Today I’ll share with you something about a part of me, something that belongs only to me, something that I have a special emotional connection with – the only tattoo that I have on my body. It is on my right hand and it’s a face with stuck-out tongue. It’s been with me for 10 years now. It doesn’t mind being photographed and often gets in photos, but what it loves the most, it’s to arouse people’s curiosity once they see it. Those who spot it smile and ask me whether it’s temporary or permanent tattoo. Back in time when people used to get stamped in clubs, many would ask me where I spent my night. It was hilarious.

smile with tongue tatoo

By the way, this character was born on a different continent, on my birthday. It was a spontaneous hasty gift to myself. If you ask me whether I regret it or not I will be honest and say that I’ve never ever regretted this decision of mine, not for a second did I regret this “sign” that will stay on my body for the rest of my life. I feel like it was predestined for me, I absolutely love it, especially when kids smile when seeing it.

Will I get another one? Not for now. But I can’t say that I won’t get another tattoo some day in some distant country, on another continent, in the same spontaneous way. Because that’s the essence of my nature… here and now.

guestbook album and smile tatoo

How was it?

It was my birthday. I woke up early, as I usually do. I like waking up early. A kitchen full of balloons and multiple wishes awaited me. A question followed: “What do you wanna get for your birthday?” And I answered without any hesitation, like it was meant to be : “A tattoo”. I have no idea where this came from. I had a feeling I would get inked someday but that that was the day I didn’t know. Immediately after we had coffee we jumped into the car still wearing pyjamas and went to the one of the best tattoo salons in that region.

There were 3 men inked from head to toe in the salon. I was skinny and pale (that’s the way I am). The older man looked at me and asked for an identity card to check that I wasn’t a minor. Then he asked me with a gruff voice: “What do you want?”. I piped that I want a tattoo.


-On my hand.

-What kind of tattoo?

-A smile with a tongue…

Said & done! It was like it wasn’t me speaking, like I was in a daze. Words came out of my mouth offhand.


The point is: what is yours will not pass you by, it will haunt you.

smile tatoo and flowers

Interesting facts about tattoos:

  • The use of tattoos is recorded to have begun 5000 years ago;
  • Tattoo art requires years of practice;
  • Tattoos affect only 3-5 layers of your skin;
  • Tattoos can be made on any part of your body, even the eyes;
  • Tanning affects the intensity of the ink.


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