Poems on the wall

September. It’s getting chilly. People want to spend their late evenings indoors, with a cup of hot mint tea and a good book to read. If so, let us do it together, but instead of a cup of tea let us get a glass of wine and a poetry on the wall instead of a book. Sounds ridiculous, I know! However there’s a point, believe me. Let me show you what it’s all about.


I get a thing for untouched walls – I just love this genesis-feel to it. I have a special place in my heart for them. I feel like this kind of things bring me closer to my roots, closer to understanding who I am. That’s what happened when I entered the doors of the Thomas Albert Hotel for the first time. I saw the untouched walls and ceiling and in that very moment, I knew that we needed to incorporate some poetry in here to make these walls shine and change the atmosphere.

I decided upon the poetry of Mihai Eminescu (pronunciation in Romanian: /mi’haj e.mi’nes.ku/), in particular the verses translated into French. It matched the dark walls so perfectly! It all played out in fresh colors. It came to life by bringing some of the good old days into our bright present. These verses transformed this place into a lovely cozy place that is also very up-to-date. Moreover, the images of our old city set the tone.

As for the ground floor, the place where reception is and where people make their first impression about the entire hotel, I aimed to make it as comfortable as possible, as well as functional. I achieved this with books, by creating an allusion of a reading corner. There are 2 libraries with plenty of books. These along with fragrant candles and cushioned furniture made the atmosphere genuine and fresh. There is a wine bar located close to the reading corner, which makes your reading experience even more colorful and pleasant.

The rooms are also full of such décor elements as: bookshelves and old Chisinau images, all placed in such a way that you feel comfy and welcomed. After all, client care starts with elegant and comfortable rooms (examples listed above) and of course, with mindful and nice personnel.

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