Month: October 2017

Marked as DONE

School of design. Here. In Chisinau. Does it ring any bells? Well, now you should know that such a school really exists (Design Cafe & Club) and it is a kind of educative platform in the interior design and architecture industry for general consumption. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see whether […]

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din Provincie logo

Details from Province

Finally I got round to write about a logo that I made some time ago (it’s been 3 years or even more now, I think). I have a special relationship with it. It’s trite, but: as a vegan, I don’t eat meat, however I accepted the request to create an identity for a brand for […]

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photos in the bathtub

Portrait… with Mihail Turculet

I have some people in my life that I call “my people”; you can feel it even at a distance. Sometimes you don’t even remember how you’ve become friends, but here they are playing an important role in your life.  They are kindred souls. Mihail Turculet is one of them, I know him for a while […]

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Floristics course 3.0

It’s October- another beautiful month of this autumn. Every time in the beginning of the month, I like to draw a total of all I’ve achieved during the previous month and to plan the current one. It’s a cool thing to do and I enjoy the process of it. Well, my dear, this September we […]

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