Month: November 2017

a book a bookmark and roses


I will finish up 2017 with a book written by Dorian Furtuna called “Reflections of a stranger”. I got to read these thoughts of a theologian from Chisinau on human instincts of our modern society following the advice from Ion Bargan (Bestseller) and I’m so happy I accepted his challenge. I started reading it in […]

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wedding rustic table

We know to do our job well

“Like no other!” is probably our motto when speaking about our wedding projects. We find a perfect combination of contemporary style and the heritage of our ancestors. I like the fact that it is such a smooth and harmonious transition. There are couples that live abroad and celebrate their wedding there, however they also come […]

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jewelry girls

Cleverstyle… with Ruslana Babyi

Everybody knows that we never get a second chance to make the first impression. Alongside manners and words, clothes are crucial in such moments. That’s why it is so important we do it right from the very beginning, just being ourselves. The one who can help us create a look in order to have the […]

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vegetarian sandwiches


It’s been 12 years since I became a vegetarian. I don’t display this, however my close friends knowing this usually cook something different for me when I come in visit. Why than I bring this topic now? At the last flower workshop one of the participants asked me : ”How long you’ve been a vegetarian?”. […]

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