Month: December 2017

on Jurnal TV

For the last 2 months, Jurnal TV had been our venue for implementing our creativity into décor. In addition to adding another client to our portfolio, we gained a beautiful experience in area of television. Prior to that, we used to decorate spaces for cameras, now we needed to place everything within the frame at […]

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faces with books

Bestseller… by Ion Bargan

When I think about bestseller, my thoughts go straight to Ion. Same happens when I take a book in my hands, when I get the desire to read something, anything connected with books. This is a vivid example of a strong connection between a man and his job. This is what true dedication looks like. […]

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couple tent beach boho style

Creativity at sunset

Sand, palm trees, cocktails and good mood- we’ve got it all covered at a very positive photo-shoot that took place this summer. We had a perfect couple: she was tender and sweet, he was witty and fun. We had so much fun during the process of creating all of it and witnessed beautiful moments of […]

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city street building romanian flag

Cluj-Napoca: the heart of Transylvania or Treasure City

Recently I’ve been to Romania, Cluj-Napoca. It was such a perfect timing for me to see all that beauty, to hear different dialects (I especially fell in love with Hungarian) and to feel the general mood of the city. It is a city full of mystery, history and youth (being one of the main academic […]

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