Month: February 2018

video / My favorite blonde: Alina Andriuță

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video: About happiness in… business

Every business that withstands the test of time succeeds because it contributes to people’s life in a way or another. People buy products and/or services in order to make their lives: Better, Easier or More productive. If your business is focused on these, you do everything with passion and you want to make your clients’ […]

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Goodbye, my VIP!

Some other time means… never. At least that’s how it turned out for me. Yesterday I remained speechless for a few minutes, thinking I can’t accept the fact that everything is temporary. Let me rephrase it, I do accept it, but not instantly. I am talking about a project that I was working on some […]

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raw vegan blueberries cake

2017, I love you!

Hello, 2018! Welcome into my world! Here we are one month later to give a new start to our blog. It was a month of drawing conclusions after a rich year and since it’s the first article of the year, it has to be good (no pressure, ha?). That’s why I decided to share some […]

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