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Another interview, another person that is so closed to my heart. I want you to meet her. She sees the beauty in us and completes it; she brings femininity and showcases it in her dresses, blouses and suits. She is Olga Parubina, she designs clothing for women, she is very experienced and she always stays true to classic in all of her collections for classic will never go out of style.

She is a friend of mine and a huge source of inspiration. Her dresses bring so many emotions in me. In addition, the photo project of her brand pieces where I was the model put a big smile on my face and also made me feel in peace with my self.

5 things that I love about Olga Parubina:

  1. Her creations are versatile. A dress combined with sneakers is perfect for a busy day on the go. Same dress paired with high heels and few accessories will fit nicely into an evening reception. Put on some sandals and here you have another option- a casual outfit.
  2. Not once, I witnessed her interaction with her clients. And we, women, are very critical when it comes to us- I’m bowlegged, this is too small, this is too big… Here are our insecurities. But she knows how to handle these, how to cover our so called imperfections. Add a pleat here, highlight the waist there, cut it somewhere… and you look stunning! Oh, that look in her clients’ eyes is precious, they trusted her and now they are so proud to be wearing her brand.
  3. Olga’s garments speak femininity, harmony and high class. She has not one vulgar outfit or a garment that is way too high tech. Simple lines, natural tones, demure models, warm combinations. Such clothes will never go out of fashion, without any doubt.
  4. The materials that she uses are of high quality. Those are natural, pleasant to the touch, just the way we, girls, like it. In this, I see how much he respects her job as a fashion designer and how much she respects her clients who are going to wear her garments.
  5. Once you entered her atelier, you will feel cozy, you will feel home. She will “charge” you with her energy; she will give you good advices and honest recommendations. You will feel like you went shopping with your girlfriend for she will never say anything wrong.

Her enthusiasm will inspire you. Her strength is seen in the clothes she makes. I respect businesses that their owners invested their heart and soul into. I respect those who run business out of pure passion. I have one of those. Lots of sleepless nights, by trial and errors, lots of ups and downs, but never giving up. We often talked about our experiences. I’m so proud of her and I wish she had wings- I wish her to fly and grow!

You can watch our interview below, a very hearty interview. Usually we laugh, make jokes, but this time it was an easy talk with a note of melancholy. That’s our nature 🙂 Enjoy!

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