The story of a dress

I don’t know about you but I believe that the Universe is sending us messages. I try to read them and trust them. Perhaps I do it subconsciously. Today I want to tell you the story of a dress that wasn’t worn. Yet.

It was February. Cold wind. Since I had less projects and work in general, I decided to drop in at Crème de la Crème for a coffee. When I got there I realized I’d rather drink a coffee with Parubina. So I went to her atelier. Right from the front door I glimpsed a dress among dozens of others. It was an emerald dress. My favorite color! The color of my eyes when I am happy ( I’m not even joking! My eyes change their color according to my mood). I didn’t even greet anyone, I went straight to the dress. THAT dress! Let’s try it! Looks great on me! It’s mine! Bought!

When I got home, a question rang in my head: “Where would I wear it?”. “I don’t know where, but I will definitely wear it…”. Somebody else wore it, not me. Perhaps it was supposed to be this way. It even travelled from Chisinau to Vadul-lui-Voda and back.

It was April. It was getting warmer. I got more work coming in. A bride contacted me. Such a lovely bride. She wanted me to organize their wedding. The couple is just so harmonious and nice. We decided upon overall details of décor, but couldn’t think about the color scheme. “I’ll think about it and get back to you”,- she said.

In the evening when I got home, I saw my emerald dress hanging on my bedroom door. What a revelation! Emerald wedding with touches of peach/gold/bronze. That’s how the concept of the wedding of Nicolay and Valentina was born.

The couple asked for geometric forms. I followed the same lines in floristics and graphics. Then the bride’s dress. It was so sparkly that I immediately thought of lights. Almost all the areas were decorated with garlands, illuminated letters and candles. I also added a lot of greenery to give a natural feeling to the event. Of course, the bride and groom’s mood played a major role as well.


Date: 20 May 2018

Type of event: wedding

Number of guests: 80 persons

Décor and floristics: Koshka Art Studio



P.S. Dear newlyweds, thank you so much for letting us create something magical for you. I appreciate a lot your comment about our professionalism. I still remember our first conversation when you mentioned the reason you chose our team, it was our unique and individual approach to every event. Our team under my guidance works with a lot of passion and dedication. I’m so proud to hear such feedback after 7 years of activity in the field. Hugs and let’s meet for a coffee!


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2 thoughts on “The story of a dress

  1. Draga Nica.Sint si EU PASInata de arta frumosului.As vrea sa fiu informata da ca in timpul apropiAt se organizaza Scolarizarea referitori la floristica.astept detaliile.

    1. draga Elena, pentru mai multe detalii si noutati contacteaza-ma la numarul +373 69627971 sau pe pagina mea de facebook

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