My name is Nika, let me introduce myself!


That’s exactly how I wanted to start my blog about décor, design and floristics, all spiced up with delicious international dishes, unforgettable moments from my travels and personal experience. And yes, here you will also find DIY lessons. Together we will learn to create art and to heat our imagination.

From the very childhood, I wanted to create: I decorated my nails with rose petals, drew for hours, and organized fashion shows where the model was my younger brother. (Now it may sound funny,

but, it wasn’t for him back then, trust me.) When I grew older, I often visited my grandmother’s house in summer and there we did crafts, knit together. That is when I fell in love with handcrafting.

However my parents insisted upon me getting a degree in economics and make a career in this field.

Nowadays I work as ceremony decorator, interior decorator, graphic designer and florist. It is the perfect match for me. I do what I love and enjoy the fact that other people are inspired by my works. It’s been over 5 years now that I bring joy and smiles to people from Moldova. My work also won the hearts of foreigners as the creations of the Koshka Art Studio have crossed the border of our country. I promise to keep up posting fascinating stories, my emotions and unique experiences from the art world.

My blog has a short yet very lovely name: www.MyNameIsNika.com. This journal of my experience is divided into 2 categories, personal thoughts and professional ones, thus you have the opportunity to know me from different perspectives. I hope it excites and inspires you!


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Always yours, Nika Capsha-Beshleaga.


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