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(Română) Conacuri

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Let’s talk London

Recently I’ve been to London- the capital famous for its heavy mist and Big Ben. I could feel something in that urban air… I don’t mean the smell of the rain. It was the smell of “movement”. This city consumes the energy of its people who are forever caught in this hustle-bustle-modern life. The metropolitan, […]

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city street building romanian flag

Cluj-Napoca: the heart of Transylvania or Treasure City

Recently I’ve been to Romania, Cluj-Napoca. It was such a perfect timing for me to see all that beauty, to hear different dialects (I especially fell in love with Hungarian) and to feel the general mood of the city. It is a city full of mystery, history and youth (being one of the main academic […]

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roof of a building Saint Petersburg blue sky

Saint Petersburg in 3 days

I like to travel. It brings me pleasure but also inspires me. When I want an escape from the busy world, I choose locations that are full of art, architecture and nature. It literally charges my emotional batteries and I am all ready to dive into my work again, to create new things. This time, […]

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Carnival days…

There’s no doubt that Venice is a romantic city famous for its architecture, sublime churches, unique landscapes, alleys, channels and gondolas floating on water and… Carnival. Whether you want to break free for the weekend or have a vacation full of history and cultural discoveries – this city is the perfect match for you. Venetian […]

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